• Date: Thursday, 21st February 2019 - Sunday, 24th February 2019  
  • Category: Business  
  • Venue: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre  
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Bahrain International Exhibition Centre

With the challenges of climate change and food and water security, the demand for agricultural expertise is growing along with the demand for agricultural products around the world. The field of Agriculture and Farming is a multifaceted specialization encompassing a variety of areas including: production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing and development of agricultural commodities.

This year, Bahrain International Garden Show will focus on agriculture as an aspirational career choice to meet a growing demand for skilled experts. It is an attractive career choice because of the variety of career options it offers and the skill-set it provides especially in field of agricultural technology and sustainable agricultural practices. Extensions of this specialization include: Food production, Power and technical system management, environmental systems, agribusiness ventures and entrepreneurship.

The need for experts is growing and the support for the agricultural sector is increasing offering a variety of career options for youth. Most importantly, it is an industry that is essential to human life and for shaping the environment and maintaining it for future generations.

Venue Information
Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre
  Building 158, Avenue 28,
Sanabis, Block 410
P.O. Box 11644
Kingdom of Bahrain
  Tel no:+973 17558800
Fax:+973 17555513