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  • Date: Sunday, 10th September 2017 - Thursday, 28th September 2017  
  • Time: 8:00 AM To 8:00 PM  
  • Category: Arts  
  • Venue: Art Center  
  • Ticket information: Free Entry  
Sunday - Thursday 10 September - 28 September , 8am - 8pm

"Foundry Flukes" by Noora Fraidoon debuts experimental prototypes that explore a unique design-make concept which takes place inside a local art foundry. All exhibited pieces were inspired by the foundry, developed at the foundry, and made at the foundry. Design-Make allows for closing the gap between the artist/designer and the maker, which consequently leads to conceptually richer pieces that combine the worlds of imagination and reality.  At the foundry, coincidences, mistakes, and accidents we stumble upon while we "make" are the main source of inspiration. Therefore, the foundry has become a self-fueling design-generating machine, that is inspired by the "making", and is "making" inspiration. 

"Foundry Flukes" also intends to re-discover the inherent beauty and aesthetics within materials. The showcased pieces, explore natural transformations that appear in materials when exposed to conditions such as rapid temperature changes, gravity, oxidization and other physical and/or chemical stimulants. So this is an attempt to celebrate the innate beauty of materials stripped from exaggerated human intervention, added embellishments and staged aesthetics.

Venue Information
Art Center
  Tel no:+97317298777