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Salman bin Hussain bin Salman bin Matar proved to be a man of remarkable abilities and broad interests. He joined his father’s pearl business and during the late 19th and early 20th centuries became one of the major pearl merchants in the entire Gulf region. Virtually all foreigners, especially French and Indian, relied on his expert advice in matters relating to the purchase of pearls. With the advent of the wide-spread cultured-pearl market that resulted in the dwindling natural-pearl trade, he was part of the group that formed the Natural Pearl Protection Society in 1936. In addition to his renown as a pearl tycoon, he expanded his business interests to include the trade of woods and dates, and ownership
of many diving vessels, as well as houses, buildings, shops, rooms, coffee houses and springs. One of his assets were his palm groves.

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Memory of The Place bin Mattar House
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