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  • Date: Wednesday, 29th January 2020 - Saturday, 29th February 2020  
  • Category: Entertainment  
  • Venue: Test  
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  • Organiser Name: EvenTop  
  • Organiser Email: eventop.bh@gmail.com  
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  The Western is the highly anticipated upcoming event with a- brand-new, exciting festival concept to be hosted within the hot spot of Seef District. With a comprehensive outstanding experience awaiting, all visitors of whatever age, gender, background or interests are guaranteed to be ablaze with amazement of the surroundings, crafted precisely to tell the tale of the event. “The Western”, as the name clearly states, is a one-of-kind event and the first of nature to be introduced exclusively in Bahrain, carrying the theme of the ol’ famous Western Clint Eastwood masterpieces derived from Southern America. A wide array of activities inspired by the theme will make “The Western” the must-go-to event for everyone. Whether it is chilling or catching up with friends after a long busy week, having a blast with the family, getting some delish food or looking for something different and unique, what you are looking for will, most definitely, be catered for in “The Western”, an event that is sure ready to raise the bar of entertainment standards.

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